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Power Stair Lifts understands that Lehigh Valley residents who have mobility issues want to lead lives that are as normal and comfortable as possible. This usually means remaining at home. However, stairs can pose a problem for residents who have trouble walking due to injuries, illnesses, weight gain, and other factors. A Power Stair Lift can allow mobility-challenged persons access to the different floors of their home and their favorite and necessary rooms.

Power Stair Lifts models have well-thought-out features that make them safe and reliable. Our installation and service expertise and ethics round out the Power Stair Lifts experience that our customers have come to expect. The best solution for your needs will depend on a few factors, such as your level of mobility, whether you use an aid such as a walker or a wheelchair, and what works best in your home.

Swivel Seats

Some chair lifts have stationary seats. This is fine for the travel up and down the stairs, but can be an issue that affects the installation of the life and the safety of the rider. A swivel seat allows the rider to position himself or herself at a comfortable height and angle for safe entry and exit at the staircase.

Flip Rails

Another option that will be of assistance to many homeowners is the flip-up stair lift rail. The bottom of the lift’s track has a hinged section that can be lifted and lowered as needed to provide space for people to walk by or to make access to a door near the bottom of the stair lift easier.

This is necessary if you have a door at the bottom of the staircase opposite the bottom step that can’t be opened or closed when the stair lift chair is fully descended. Traditional rails may also block a door or closet that is at or within 12 inches of the bottom step on the same side of the stairwell that the stair lift and track are located. If there is a high-traffic area where the stair lift meets the floor, you will want to prevent trips and falls and the inconvenience of squeezing around the rail.

Battery Power and Emergency Power

Our stair lifts are battery-powered, eliminating the need for extensive electrical installations. The lifts feature automatic battery chargers and can run dozens of trips during a power failure before the battery needs charging.

Emergency Braking and Obstruction Sensors

Emergency braking can be activated by a switch on the unit that is operated by the rider who may need to stop the unit for some reason. The lifts also have safety sensors that detect obstructions that stop the unit when an obstruction is detected. If the seat is not locked, the lift will not run. There are stops at the top and bottom of the rail to keep the unit from running off the rail, and speed governors stop the lift if the normal downward travel speed is exceeded.

Remote Control

The remote control allows you to call the lift to the end you need in order to board the seat. So, if you are at the top of the stairs and the lift is at the bottom, and vice versa, you can command it to come to you. With this feature, you won’t be stuck with your lift out of reach.

How can Power Stair Lifts help you?

If your loved one has trouble going up and down stairs, Power Stair Lifts can offer timely, professional, guaranteed installation and service of stair lifts, vertical lifts, and elevators, to make their life easier. If you believe you or a loved one needs a reliable custom stair lift for larger individuals, please call Power Stair Lifts for a free in-home assessment. We will recommend the best fit for the individual and the home’s available space and structure.

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