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Rental Stair Lifts

Similar to used lifts, a rental stair lift is an economic option for those who have determined that the lift will not be in service very long. Instead of purchasing the lift, customers only pay an installation fee and removal fee and receive two (2) free months of unlimited lift use. If the lift continues to be in service after the two-month period then a small monthly rental fee is charged until the lift is removed. Please note that only straight residential stair lifts are available for rental. Each curved stair lift is unique to the stair case that it was customized designed for and therefore curved lifts cannot be reinstalled for other stair cases.

Power Stair Lifts rents out its certified like-new, pre-owned stairlifts that are in good working condition and only gently used inventory. Stair lifts are available in straight stair lifts for both right and left sides of a staircase. Because of the custom nature of a curved stairlift for both pre-owned lifts and future installation, no pre-owned or used curved lift options are available.  All used straight stair lifts have been refurbished with a multipoint inspection to ensure maximum safety and operating efficiency. Power Stair Lift checks all electrical connections, circuit board, batteries, chassis, drive motor and all other mechanisms.

Each used lift is installed with new mounting rails that support the lift and allow the chair to glide effortlessly up and down the stairs. Power Stair Lifts also stands behind the work and performance of a used lift the same as a new stair lift.

If you are not sure if a rental stair lift is for you, you may want to consider purchasing a new straight stair lift, and then having Power Stair Lifts buyback the lift from you via our used stair lift buyback program. Regardless, schedule a free home assessment to evaluate your stair case and review our options. If you are interested in a rental stair lift contact Power Stair Lifts for a free in-home estimate. Our team will determine the best option for you and match you with the proper used lift needed.