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Curved Stair Lifts

Seniors and others in Lehigh Valley and Western New Jersey who have a home staircase with a landing or a curved staircase can benefit from a residential curved staircase. Sometimes, a curved staircase is used in lieu of having two straight stair lifts and eliminate the need to transition off one stair lift and onto the other. A curved home stair lift is needed when a staircase has curves, bends, or intermediate landings. This is typically the case in homes with spiral or curved staircases, or staircases with multiple levels and landings. A curved stair lift is custom-designed and built to fit the specific shape and dimensions of the staircase, allowing for safe and comfortable transportation up and down the stairs.

In contrast, a straight stair lift is suitable for a staircase that goes straight up and down without any curves or bends. It is important to choose the right type of stair lift for your home to ensure safe and comfortable mobility for those who use it. A professional stair lift installer can help you determine which type of stair lift is best for your particular staircase and needs — contact us for a free in-home estimate. Click here to schedule your appointment.

The Harmar Helix Curved Power Stair Lift

Savaria STAIRFRIEND Curved Stair lift

The Savaria Stairfriend Curved Stair Lift is designed for indoor access over stairs with multiple levels, curves, or intermediate landings.

Stairfriend’s double rail can be custom-bent to your staircase’s exact specifications, and includes an out-of-the-way parking option.

The Savaria Stairfriend Stair Lift features a quiet, smooth-riding operation with a 350-lb. capacity. You can choose from 2 comfortable seat styles.

This lift is suitable for residential use and commercial applications (in certain regions).

The Stairfriend is battery-operated, which allows normal operation during a power outage.

Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift

A Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift is one of a kind, made just for you. Harmar designs are crafted to fit your needs, staircase, and decor.

The Helix is built to last. Every staircase that is fitted with a Helix is measured with a calibrated camera kit for digital accuracy. Constructed with highly durable steel, custom precision-bent rails, and finished by experienced craftsmen, this true curved rail is highly engineered to give you an extraordinarily smooth ride.

Your unique path to independence will allow you to enjoy time with your family and your home on every level giving you independence, freedom and the quality of life you deserve.

Measuring Your Curved Residential Stair Lift

A curved home stair lift is measured by a professional stair lift installer or technician who will take precise measurements of the staircase using specialized tools and software. The installer will visit your home to assess the staircase and take measurements to ensure that the stair lift will fit the specific curve and shape of your stairs.

The installer will take into account factors such as the angle of the stairs, the width of the staircase, the number of landings, and the location of any obstacles or features that may affect the installation of the stair lift. This process is typically done using a 3D scanner, which creates a detailed digital model of the staircase, or by taking precise measurements using a measuring tape or laser level.

Once the measurements are taken, the installer will use the data to custom-design the stair lift to fit the specific shape and dimensions of your staircase. The rail and track of the stair lift will be fabricated to fit the exact curve and angle of the staircase, and the chair or platform will be designed to fit the user’s specific needs and preferences.

It is important to have a professional installer measure and install your curved home stair lift to ensure that it is safe, reliable, and meets all applicable codes and regulations. A properly installed stair lift will provide years of reliable and convenient service, while ensuring the safety and independence of those who use it.