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Stair Lift Repair

Stair lift repair by Power Stair Lifts for straight stair lifts, curved stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts, vertical platform lifts across the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos, and Western New Jersey. 
Power Stair Lifts is trained and experienced to repair AcornBrunoHandicareHarmarSavaria, and others. 

Stair lifts are generally reliable and durable devices that require minimal maintenance. However, like any mechanical device, stair lifts may require occasional repairs to keep them operating smoothly and safely. Some common repairs that may be needed in a stair lift include:

  1. Battery replacement: Stair lifts typically run on batteries that need to be replaced periodically. A stair lift technician can replace the batteries as needed to ensure that the lift continues to operate reliably.

  2. Motor repair: The motor is the most critical component of the stair lift, and it can sometimes fail due to wear and tear or other factors. A professional technician can diagnose and repair motor problems, including issues with the gearbox, bearings, or wiring.

  3. Track and rail repair: The track and rail of a stair lift can become damaged over time, leading to problems with smooth operation or even safety concerns. A technician can repair or replace damaged track and rail components to ensure that the lift operates safely and reliably.

  4. Control board replacement: The control board is responsible for regulating the operation of the stair lift, and it can sometimes fail due to power surges or other issues. A technician can replace the control board as needed to ensure that the lift operates safely and smoothly.

  5. Upholstery and cosmetic repairs: Over time, the upholstery and other cosmetic components of a stair lift may become worn or damaged. A technician can repair or replace these components to improve the appearance and comfort of the lift.

It is important to have a trained and experienced stair lift technician perform any needed repairs to ensure the safety and reliability of the device. Regular maintenance and inspections can also help prevent the need for major repairs and extend the life of the stair lift.

straight stair lift repair and service of a home chair lift

In addition to fixing the root of the issue, our technician will also check the stair lift for its complete working condition:

  • The lift is cleaned, dusted, and any dirt and debris is removed. This is especially important if there are pets in the home. 
  • Lubrication of all mechanisms and components
  • Inspection of rails, chair, motor, and other moving parts
  • Review of battery charge and condition
  • Review of electrical connections, remove controls, and circuit board
  • Additional safety inspection and test run
  • Discussion of lift performance and maintenance with the owner

In all cases, the technicians at Power Stair Lifts have the training, diagnostic tools, and experience to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. We also stock a variety of parts and components to fix the problem on the spot. 

We understand the urgency of fixing a non-operable stair lift, and we prioritize stair lift repairs to resolve issues as quick as the same day as the phone call. If you need stair lift lift repair then call the experts at Power Stair Lifts 484-895-1188.

Tips for Maintaining A Stair Lift In Good Working Order

  1. Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance appointments with a professional to ensure that your stair lift is functioning properly. This should include checking the battery, motor, and other components.

  2. Keep the Track Clean: Regularly clean the track of the stair lift to ensure that it is free of dirt and debris. This will help prevent the track from becoming clogged or damaged.

  3. Lubricate Moving Parts: Lubricate the moving parts of the stair lift with a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. This will help to reduce wear and tear on the components.

  4. Check Safety Features: Regularly test the safety features of the stair lift, such as the seat belt and safety sensors. This will help to ensure that the stair lift is safe for use.

  5. Keep Batteries Charged: Keep the batteries in the stair lift charged. This will ensure that the stair lift is ready for use when needed.

  6. Train Users: Make sure that all users of the stair lift are properly trained in how to use it safely. This will help prevent accidents and ensure that the stair lift is used correctly.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your stair lift in proper working condition for years to come.

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