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Pool Lifts

Whether you need to step into or out of your home, step up and down the stairs, or step into or out of the pool or your boat, Power Stair Lifts can make your journey safe and easy.

We not only supply, install, and service stair lifts and elevators—We also carry the complete line of safe and reliable Aqua Creek Pool Lifts.

Following are samples of the many available pool lifts that can get you in and out of the water easily and safely. Please contact Power Stair Lifts for more information and to learn about these and other available models.

Portable Pro Pool 2
Portable Pro2 Tan
Mighty 400 Pool Lift
MIghty Voyager Pool Lift
Power EZ2 Family
Power EZ2
Portable Pro Pool 2

The Pro Pool Series Portable Pro 2 lift is an affordable portable lift that provides access to in-ground pools and spas. The design of the lift provides a safe, smooth, and steady out and down operation into the pool. No anchor is needed; the lift is well balanced, and when tipped back for transport, it is easily rolled along the pool deck to wherever you may need it.

This lift will typically function on in-ground pools where the pool deck is flush with the top of the pool. It does not clear high curbs or walls around the pool.

  • CE Certified
  • 350 lb (160 kg) weight capacity
  • Stainless steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Available with concrete or sand counter weight option (sand not included with lift)
  • Adjustable footrest & lap belt
  • Limited five (5) year warranty
  • Made in USA
Mighty Series

The ADA-Compliant, UL Certified, Mighty pool lift is an entirely new way to look at pool lifts.  The unique patented design combines the sturdiness of the Pro Pool Series lifts with the versatility of our Revolution series lifts. By itself, the lift is ideal for in-ground pool and spa applications, but with the addition of any of the available pedestal options, the lift can clear up to 48-inch-high walls. The Mighty has the most extended reach of any of our lifts and can reach out across the pool deck by as much as 44-inches. Whisper-quiet and simple push-button operation make this lift incredibly easy and enjoyable to operate.

  • ADA compliant & UL safety certified
  • Patented design
  • 400 lb. (181 kg) lifting capacity
  • Whisper-quiet 360 degree rotation
  • Stainless steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Limited five (5) year warranty
  • Made in USA
EZ Series

The Power EZ 2 Boat Access / Pool Lift offers a battery powered access solution with lifting capabilities up to 400 pounds. An affordable and comfortable sling style seat provides safety and security.

The Power EZ 2 is easily portable for storage and relocation to another dock or pool area. The battery-operated lift allows the caregiver to be positioned beside the user at all times while using the handset control. The Power EZ 2 Pool Lift truly shows the ease in the EZ lift series. Also works great as a dock-to-boat access lift!

  • 400 lb. (181 kg) weight capacity
  • Max wall clearance height 15″ (38 cm)
  • 360° manual rotation
  • Adjustable stainless steel chains
  • Durable 38-in x 20-in mesh sling seat
  • Stainless steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Limited five (5) year warranty
  • Made in USA