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Stair Lift Maintenance

Like most pieces of medical equipment, a stair lift is an investment that improves your quality of life and enhances mobility in the home. It is imperative that the stair lift be frequently checked by the user and cleaned to minimize unnecessary issues and maximize safety and the life of the stair lift. It is also important that a certified technician performs annual or frequent maintenance on the chair to proactively maintain the lift in good working order.

When Power Stair Lifts services a stair lift, the below maintenance steps are performed.

  • The lift is cleaned, dusted, and any dirt and debris are removed. This is especially important if there are pets in the home. 
  • All mechanisms and components are lubricated.
  • Rails, chair, motor, and other moving parts, are inspected.
  • Battery charge status and condition are examined.
  • Electrical connections, remove controls, and circuit board are examined.
  • Additional safety inspection and test run are performed.
  • We discuss lift performance and maintenance with the owner.

If you need stair lift service or maintenance, call us to schedule your appointment.

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