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Many seniors and others in the Lehigh Valley have older model Acorn stair lifts. Acorn is a well known brand for their heavy marketing campaigns across the nation. Acorn stair lifts are affordable initial purchases, but the cost of replacing parts and maintaining them may not be as affordable. So, when should you consider replacing your Acorn stair lift? Before that question is answered, the typical longevity of an Acorn stair lift should be discussed.

How long does an acorn stair lift last?

The lifespan of an Acorn stair lift, like any mechanical device, can vary depending on several factors. Generally, with proper maintenance and care, an Acorn stair lift can last between 10 to 15 years or even longer. Here are some factors that can influence the longevity of a stair lift:

  1. Stair Lift Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the life of a stair lift. Routine inspections, lubrication, and cleaning can help prevent wear and tear on the components.
  1. Usage: The frequency and intensity of use can impact how long a stair lift lasts. If it’s used daily or by multiple individuals, it may wear out more quickly than one used infrequently.
  1. Weight Capacity: Exceeding the weight capacity of the stair lift can put extra strain on its components and reduce its lifespan. It’s important to ensure that the stair lift is used within its specified weight limits.
  1. Environmental Factors: The environment in which the stair lift is installed can also affect its longevity. Exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or other harsh conditions may impact the lift’s performance over time.
  1. Quality of Installation: Proper installation by trained professionals is crucial. A poorly installed stair lift may have a shorter lifespan and could be more prone to issues.
  1. Repairs and Parts Availability: Availability of replacement parts and the ability to perform repairs can influence how long a stair lift can be kept in service. If replacement parts become scarce or expensive, it might be more cost-effective to replace the unit.
  1. Technological Advances: Advances in technology may make older stair lift models obsolete or less desirable over time. If you have an older model, you may find it more challenging to get support and upgrades.

With all this in mind, having a second opinion is a prudent idea. Power Stair Lifts offers free in-home assessment to evaluate the existing stair lift as well as assess the construction of the home and needs of the rider(s). Power Stair Lifts also offers rental stairlifts and used stair lifts in addition to new stair lifts. In some cases, it is cheaper to purchase a new stair lift than fix an old one. 

Power Stair Lifts is based in the Lehigh Valley and locally owned. We believe in price transparency. Not only do we provide our installation price and free one-year service warranty and three year parts warranty, but we will also disclose the cost of replacement batteries, preventative maintenance, annual service visit, repair fees, and a multiyear warranty. We pride ourselves not only being the local company that Lehigh Valley residents trust but also the company that earns your business with quality service and fair prices. 

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