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Power Stair Lifts of the Lehigh Valley offers many different top-quality combinations of curved stair lifts and straight stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and home elevators, to meet the needs of Lehigh Valley and nearby residents. Deciding which option best makes your stay at home as comfortable and convenient as possible is vital. We will not leave you alone in your decision, and suggest you start with the following articles before making a commitment. This is usually a long-term investment, and of course, Power Stair Lifts is available to answer all your questions.

Do I need a curved lift?

When a home staircase consists of two sets of stairs separated by a platform instead of one direct set of stairs, there are two options available to you. In many cases, two straight stair lifts can be used in lieu of one curved lift. A curved lift is usually custom-made, so we must take precise measurements on-site in order to manufacture the stair glide rails and chair to perfectly fit your space. This means that a curved-lift installation may have a lead time of 3 – 6 weeks from the time of home assessment to final installation. In cases where an immediate solution is needed to transport an individual up and down stairs that are divided by a platform, two straight stair lifts may be installed if the individual is able to transition safely along the platform from one stair lift to the other.

What may be the advantage of a straight lift over a curved lift?

The physical space on your staircase must be able to accommodate the two straight stair lifts and the platform transition area. If you opt for two straight stair lifts, the cost savings over the custom-made curved stair lift can be significant. Ultimately, a curved lift offers a smooth continuous ride from floor to floor and is more aesthetically pleasing for people who prefer them.

We can help you decide between a straight and curved lift.

If you are considering a home power stair lift, elevator, vertical platform lift, ramp, rental, or any other product to make your stay at home more comfortable, please give our estimators and installation experts a call to discuss your options. We will return your call within  48 hours and provide a free onsite evaluation. We have a local office and pride ourselves in our responsiveness and quick installation and repair services. Call us at 484-895-1188 for a quick response.

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