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As residents of the Lehigh Valley age, an increasing number of people need powered home stair lifts in order to remain in the comfort of their home. The need is not limited to age-related conditions — Frail seniors, active boomers with joint replacements, bariatric individuals, and those who have picked up pounds through the decades, are candidates for powered home stair lifts. A common question that customers and potential buyers pose is, “Do you offer a stair lift for bariatric patients or heavier homeowners?” The answer is, “Yes!”

Power Stair Lifts offers many high-quality lift options for various weight ratings, so we can accommodate most of our customers’ needs. 

Most home stair lifts are engineered to accommodate individuals weighing up to 350 pounds. The most commonly-advertised lifts, however, will not accommodate larger individuals, nor are they of the quality needed to safely and reliably transport a heavier person. That said, there are several heavy-duty stair lifts that can accommodate men and women weighing in at up to 450 pounds. There is even a stair lift option for people weighing up to 650 pounds, that will inspire confidence and comfort for people that might otherwise be relegated to one floor of their home.

Stair lifts for larger customers are built-to-size, with special features that accommodate special users. Power Stair Lifts benefits include sturdy construction, larger seats, more power, and a more substantial drivetrain system. They also feature durable rails that fasten into the stair treads using a hefty mounting system.

The Power Stair Lifts expert technology team proudly and dependably installs and services bariatric stair lift systems. We are experienced in matching clients’ needs with the best products, and we ensure proper installation, comfort, and familiarity with users and their families.

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If you believe you or a loved one needs a reliable custom stair lift for large individuals, please call Power Stair Lifts for a free in-home assessment. We will recommend the best fit for the individual and the home’s available space and structure.

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