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When holidays come to the Lehigh Valley, we get out our checklists to make sure the preparations go smoothly. Does the store stock enough cream cheese? Are all the holiday lights working? Did we send cards to all the aunts, uncles, and cousins? Do we have enough cookies to last until next spring? There is one essential checklist that can assure that the lives of our beloved seniors — especially those who live alone — will go smoothly. Holiday visits are a great time to check up on seniors and the elderly to make sure they are safe and healthy. It’s perfectly fine and natural to take a look around the house for signs of concern or neglect. Power Stair Lifts would like to share some tips for those visits.

What should I look for in the senior’s home?

During that initial welcome hug, carefully feel for frailties and prominent bones that may indicate a loss of weight. During the visit, watch for any difficulties with chewing or swallowing.

Take a peek inside the refrigerator and other food areas. See if there is expired food, a lack of healthy food, items left out to sour, and even a remote control or something else that does not belong in the refrigerator or pantry. Are the dishes piling up or being put away unwashed or even damaged?

Look through the mail to see if bills are unopened or there are scams and junk mail that your loved one could be taken in by. Are there stacks of unread mail or even final notices?

Check their medications for expiration dates and try to determine if meds are being taken properly. Also, if you don’t have your loved one’s physician and pharmacy information, try to obtain it in case you need to check up on behalf of him or her.

Watch how your older friend or family member moves, walks, sits, stands, reaches, and grabs. Do they exhibit signs of weakness or disorientation? Does he or she have mobility issues? Does he or she look well-groomed or seem to neglect their appearance or have trouble with normal bathroom tasks?

Look for safety issues, such as loose rugs, unstable furniture, poor or broken lighting, unsafe outlets, sharp edges, dangerous tools and implements, etc.

Listen carefully for complaints about pain or other health problems that you may not have been aware of. Pay attention to his or her discussions about other people and life in general. There can be indications of anger, depression, malaise, or other negative feelings and reactions.

What if I have concerns about a senior’s condition?

If you have any concerns about your loved ones, talk with them, with family members, and medical professionals, if necessary. The most important part of the holidays (and any day) is caring for those who need care and helping those who need help.

How can Power Stair Lifts help seniors?

If your loved one has trouble going up and down stairs, Power Stair Lifts can offer timely, professional, guaranteed installation and service of stair lifts, vertical lifts, and elevators, to make their life easier. If you believe you or a loved one needs a reliable custom stair lift for large individuals, please call Power Stair Lifts for a free in-home assessment. We will recommend the best fit for the individual and the home’s available space and structure.

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