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As Lehigh Valley baby boomers (born 1946 – 1964) age, we seek to make our homes fully accessible in every way. As knees creak and perhaps a few extra pounds decrease our mobility, we require a convenient way to transport ourselves around the house with mobility devices, luggage, and laundry. One of the most difficult barriers to overcome is the staircase. It can take painful effort to walk between floors, which is often necessary to reach the bedroom or bathroom. Home elevators may be the solution!

Why do residences install elevators before they are needed?

Age is not the only factor in walking difficulty — Folks of any age can be slowed down as a result of an unexpected accident, operation, or other health problem. Many boomers are not waiting for a health issue to hit — rather, they are opting to build multi-floor accessibility into their plans so that they can age gracefully in their familiar home. Some individuals are installing elevators into new construction to provide immediate convenience and long-term assistance with mobility. Others just work the possibility of an elevator into their contingency plans. In fact, installing a home elevator not only keeps seniors and boomers where they want to be (at home!) but the investment in an elevator can provide cost savings compared with the expense and hassle of moving and living in a senior living community before they are ready to sacrifice space and freedom.

In anticipation of future needs, many active adult communities, homes, and other new-construction dwellings, are designed with empty elevator shafts or closets that are stacked above one another to allow for easy conversion to residential elevators.

How do elevators fit into homes?

For families and individuals who are retrofitting their home, there are many options for working a home elevator into a home’s interior floor plan and design. Depending on individual preferences, needs, and budgets, for some folks, a home elevator provides a level of luxury and appeal that a traditional stair lift cannot. Residential home elevators are quiet and offer homeowners a variety of practical functions and modern aesthetics.

How do I find out about home elevators?

Read through the following articles to familiarize yourself with points to ponder before you make this life investment.

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