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The holidays are here and if you are back in the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, or New Jersey visitng aging parents it would be wise to look around their home to make it safer. Below is a list of considerations to reducing the risk of falls or accidents. 

Assessing a home for fall risk is crucial, especially for older adults or individuals with mobility issues. Here’s a checklist to help identify and address potential fall hazards in a home:

 General Environment: 

  1. Flooring: 

   – Check for loose or uneven floorboards or tiles.

   – Ensure carpets and rugs are secure and have non-slip backing.

   – Remove or secure any area rugs that could cause tripping.

  1. Lighting

   – Adequate lighting in all areas, especially stairs and hallways.

   – Use nightlights in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways.

   – Ensure light switches are easily accessible.

  1. Clutter: 

   – Keep walkways and stairs clear of clutter and obstacles.

   – Secure loose electrical cords and wires along walls.

   – Organize and store items in easily accessible locations.

  1. Furniture

   – Arrange furniture to create clear pathways.

   – Ensure chairs and sofas are at a height that allows for easy sitting and standing.


  1. Grab Bars: 

   – Install grab bars in the shower or bath and near the toilet.

   – Ensure grab bars are securely anchored.

  1. Non-Slip Surfaces: 

   – Use non-slip mats in the shower or bath.

   – Place non-slip rugs or mats on bathroom floors.

  1. Raised Toilet Seat: 

   – Consider using a raised toilet seat if needed.


  1. Handrails: 

   – Ensure sturdy handrails are on both sides of the stairs.

   – Check that handrails are securely anchored.

  1. Step Treads: 

   – Secure non-slip treads on each step.

   – Repair or replace any damaged steps.


  1. Reachable Items: 

    – Store frequently used items within easy reach.

    – Use pull-out shelves or turntables for better access.

  1. Non-Slip Mats: 

    – Place non-slip mats in front of the sink and stove.

    – Keep spills cleaned up promptly.


  1. Bed Height: 

    – Ensure the bed is at a comfortable height for getting in and out.

    – Use a nightstand for easy access to items needed during the night.

  1. Lighting: 

    – Provide easy-to-reach lighting near the bed.

    – Consider motion-activated nightlights.

 Emergency Preparedness: 

  1. Phone Accessibility: 

    – Keep a phone within easy reach of common areas.

    – Consider a wearable emergency alert device.

  1. Fall Detection: 

    – Consider installing fall detection devices if needed.

 Regular Maintenance

  1. Check Regularly: 

    – Regularly inspect the home for potential hazards.

    – Fix any issues promptly.

By regularly assessing and addressing these factors, you can create a safer living environment and reduce the risk of falls in the home.

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