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Are you looking for an alternative to steps that would allow easy wheelchair access to a home? Perhaps you only need it for visitors or don’t want to build a permanent ramp on your property.

Portable aluminum ramps are a wise alternative to built-in outdoor ramps. These are good for people who need safe and reliable access but want the convenience of folding up the ramp and stashing it away. This includes homeowners who may not go outside often or don’t always use a particular entryway. They are also convenient for those with mobility challenges who visit friends and loved ones, and for friends who want to make access easy when users of wheelchairs visit them. Also, some homeowners associations don’t allow ramps in the front of a house, and this satisfies their requirements while providing access.

What may seem to an ambulatory person as a minor issue can be an impediment to someone with a disability. Ramps are often used to overcome one-step entryways that are often found on decks, porches, sidewalks, and other structures. A portable aluminum ramp would come in handy when encountering such encumbrances.

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