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Residents in Allentown in Eastern Pennsylvania are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air afforded by the accommodating summer climate. At least most seniors, boomers, and others, are enjoying their outdoor spaces. Those with limited mobility may not be able to negotiate steps or have access to the outdoors and remain stuck inside their homes. For those wishing to enjoy the outdoors but cannot due to accessibility issues, Power Stair Lifts, with offices in Easton and Allentown, offers several outdoor stair lifts to facilitate the transport of individuals in and out of their homes from the garage, porch, deck, patio, and other external access points. The following are two convenient options: an outdoor platform lift and an outdoor straight chair lift.


Savaria’s M2lift vertical platform lift

  • This outdoor vertical platform lift is the complete residential porch lift package, including solid flush top landing gate and integrated fascia panel for quick, seamless installation.
  • This lift travels up to 75″ between 2 stops, with straight-through access (for 90º entry and exit, see Multilift VPL).
  • It is manufactured of rust-resistant aluminum components for indoor and outdoor use, even in extreme climates.
  • The smooth, quiet chain-drive system is housed in a unique twin-tower design for an unobtrusive profile.
  • The 750-lb. capacity accommodates a wheelchair and other mobility equipment.
  • For your convenience, this lift is easy to operate, with constant-pressure controls.

For those not wanting a vertical platform lift and preferring a simple stair lift, the following outdoor home option should be considered.


K2 Straight Stairlift with Outdoor Package

  • For residential use on a single flight of straight stairs
  • Fold-up width of only 10 ¾”—The slimmest profile on the market leaves more space on the stairs, making them safer for others.
  • Quiet, smooth-riding operation; 350 lb. capacity
  • Battery operated with built-in charger; can operate during a power failure.
  • Ultra slim: Folded size of only 10.75″, the smallest profile on the market to keep the unit out of the way when not in use.
  • Quiet, smooth-riding operation of the rack and pinion drive system
  • Battery operated: Built-in charging on the top and bottom of the rail so the chair can be used several times through a power failure
  • LED status light on the unit to advise of any issues
  • Obstacle sensor system on the carriage and footrest to stop the chair if it meets an obstacle
  • Safety features: Swivel and lock seat at top landing, retractable seat belt, anti-slip footrest, and obstacle sensors
  • Easy operation using 2 infrared remote controls plus toggle switch on arm rest
  • Comfortable and durable seat with width-adjustable arms up to 20″ wide
  • Flexible configuration so it can be installed on either side of the stairs.
  • Fast installation so you can enjoy your stair lift quickly
  • Master shut-off will turn off if not used for an extended period of time. This money-saving option helps reduce electricity use and extend battery life.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty covers parts for 36 months.

If you are considering options for an outdoor stair lift or vertical platform lift, call an experienced and certified Savaria home elevator representative in your area. In eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey, covering Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Macungie, Nazareth, Phillipsburg, Quakertown, Saucon Valley, Center Valley, Northampton, Emmaus, Whitehall, and New Tripoli, call Power Stair Lifts for a free in-home estimate. You will learn about the best options for your home, so call 484-895-1188 today for more information.