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The Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania has a rich tradition of religious history, exemplified by church buildings of great antiquity and architectural beauty. Many of these solid, majestic structures have staircases leading to second-floor sanctuaries, below-ground basements, and upper-level balconies. These stairways can be impediments for the mobility-challenged worshiper, keeping him or her from participating in the service.

Lehigh Valley Power Stair Lifts recognizes that. Since 2009, Power Stair Lifts has provided responsive, compassionate, and professional installation, maintenance, and repair service to homes and businesses in the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, and Western New Jersey.

Many of the older church building designs incorporated flowing spiral staircases. While many people picture power stair lifts as straight, there are curved models available. Of course, there are straight lifts that are more common, but they may not be suitable in all cases. There are also solutions for staircases that have landings part-way up.

If, due to architectural or other considerations, a power stair lift is not feasible, Power Stair Lifts also installs home elevators and vertical platform lifts.

Getting around inside a church building is one thing—getting inside the building is another. If your outside steps prove difficult for worshipers in wheelchairs to navigate, installing a vertical platform lift or portable aluminum ramp or incline platform may be the solution.

With a portable aluminum ramp, wheelchair users can access doorways without the need for an expensive, permanent ramp. Platform lifts allow worshipers access without the burden of transferring out of their power chair, scooter, or wheelchair.

Churches and other houses of worship, of all places, want to be accessible to all. Whatever your needs, Lehigh Valley Power Stair Lifts will come and work up a free estimate, backed by our core values and tailored to your satisfaction.