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When the time comes for serious consideration of a power stair lift, Lehigh Valley residents think of a major, permanent investment and installation. What if you only need one on a temporary basis?

Perhaps a struggling loved one is visiting, or you are about to move. Your case may be that of rehabbing from an injury or surgery, or a resident is receiving hospice care.

Rental stair lifts are available for short-term use and don’t have to be permanent fixtures in your home. Rental stair lifts are high-quality, durable residential stair lifts that are installed in the same manner as permanent stair lifts. Rental lifts are of the same quality, safety, and convenience as permanent lifts. All rentals are cleaned and serviced prior to being put back into service, and Power Stair Lifts covers any parts and service issues that may occur during the rental period, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for the renter.

In some cases, stair lift renters have decided to purchase the stair lift from Power Stair Lifts and keep it in their home; that is always an option.

Contact Power Stair Lifts to determine if a rental stair lift is right for your needs and your home.