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Many seniors and families in the Lehigh Valley and Pocono area look for trustworthy stair lift installation and service companies to help them age in place. One reputable company is Power Stair Lifts, which has been locally owned-and-operated in the Lehigh Valley since 2009.

Residential Stair Lift Options

A straight or curved chairlift, also known as a stair lift, is a common solution for those with mobility challenges in their home. A stair lift is a more economical solution than moving or staying at a rehabilitation facility. Stair lifts also keep seniors where they want to live: in their own home.

In order to suit your needs and your staircase, there are multiple chair lift solutions. The most common residential stair lift is a new straight stair lift for homes that have a straight staircase, free of any landings or curves. Straight stair lifts come with optional features like flip rails and rotating seats to help seniors navigate around doorways and tight existing spaces in their homes. Straight steps are very popular with people who live in bilevels and even ranch-style homes, who need access to the basement for laundry, storage, and other lower-level uses. Straight stairwells can also be installed on decks, porches, and exterior areas. These exterior straight stair lifts are suitable for outdoor use because all the components are encapsulated to protect them from the elements.

For individuals who live in townhouses or have landings or curved staircases, curved stair lifts are the perfect fit. A curved stair lift is custom-measured and designed to meet the specifications and dimensions of each staircase. A curved steel lift offers a continuous ride from the bottom to the top of the staircase and back.

There are a number of exterior options for outside the home. Outdoor residential units are available to suit any application to help seniors safely transition onto decks, porches, patios, and other outdoor areas.

Vertical Platform Lifts

In addition to traditional stairlifts, there is a vertical platform wheelchair lift known as a “VPL.” A vertical platform lift is a great solution for a garage where the cement slab and doorway into the home are different elevations, and are helpful on decks and porches. The vertical platform lift can be used inside and outside and moves vertically to accommodate different heights.

Vertical platform lifts come in consumer and residential styles as well as commercial styles that conform to local zoning requirements. Installers of commercial stair lifts may need architectural drawings for submission to local authorities for approval. Power Stair Lifts can assist you with getting these approvals.

Used and Rental Stair Lifts

Power Stair Lifts also has an inventory of used stair lifts for straight staircases that individuals can have installed in their homes if they are on a tight budget. If the stair lift is needed only for a short time, renting a stair lift is an option for the length of time needed.

Because Power Stair Lifts sells reputable and high-quality stair lifts we are willing to buy back stairlifts that we have installed and serviced and that are properly maintained and in good working order. Power Stair Lifts also services straight stair lifts, curved lifts, vertical platform lifts, outdoor residential stair lifts, and other lifts.

Commercial and Other Options

For businesses like retail locations, venues, and nonprofit organizations like churches and office spaces, there are commercial stair lift solutions available. Power Stair Lifts is the trusted service provider for dozens of Lehigh Valley churches.

For folks who enjoy the great outdoors, there are options for exterior mobility and accessibility products like aluminum outdoor ramps and portable ramps. These include standard ramps with and without handrails, ramps of varying lengths and widths, and portable ramps that are easily folded and stored.

Power Stair Lifts has been a member of the Lehigh Valley Aging in Place Coalition since 2014.

For more information about Power Stair Lifts of the Lehigh Valley, visit our website at https://powerstairlifts.com.