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Savaria Orion MRL LU / LA Commercial Elevator


High-rise style, built for low-rise applications: Affordable elevator for low-rise buildings with 1400 lb capacity and automatic door option. Geared traction counterweight design: ultra-quiet, machine roomless option; suitable for up to 200 trips per day. Aesthetically appealing: Attractive call station, control panel and digital floor indicators. Automatic doors: Fire-rated two-speed steel cab doors in black or architectural white, with infrared closing sensors; automatic landing doors are finished with primer. Other standard features: Fully automatic operation, modular rail construction for easy construction, automatic cab on/off interior lighting, digital display in car operating panel, white ceiling with 4 pot lights, steel interior in architectural white. Standard finishes: Standard architectural white or black steel, stainless steel car operating panel, handrail and silver color trimmed light fixtures. Safety features: Emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting, emergency stop and alarm buttons, powered emergency lowering, safety brakes, overspeed governor. Warranty: 36 months parts. Please see complete details here.

Applications: Commercial (LU/LA), residential (where code permits), indoors. Standard capacity: 1400 lb (635 kg) Maximum travel: 25′ (7620 mm), with up to 6 stops (subject to local code requirements); higher travel available where code permits. Nominal speed: 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s) Drive/motor: Counterweight geared traction drive with slack cable safety device. Geared motor 1:1 sheave, three 3/8″ diameter elevator traction cables, rope wedge sockets. Minimum pit: 14″ (355 mm) Minimum overhead clearance: 108″ (2743 mm), or 110″ (2794 mm) for Orion17 cab; for new build overhead is 134″ (3404 mm) per code. Power supply: 208 volt, three phase, 60 Hz, 30 Amps or 240 Volt, single phase, 40 amps, 60 Hz Lighting supply: 120 Volt, 15 Amps, 60 Hz
Optional Configurations:Type 1, 2, 3, 4 Cab Sizes:   W42” x L54” x H84” (1067 mm x 1372 mm x 2134 mm), Type 1, 2 W48” x L54” x H84” (1219 mm x 1372 mm x 2134 mm), Type 1, 2 W42” x L60” x H84” (1067 mm x 1524 mm x 2134 mm), Type 1, 2 W51” x L51” x H84” (1295 mm x 1295 mm x 2134 mm), Type 3, 4 Optional Cab Finishes:Classic cab can be upgraded with fire-rated plastic laminate panel overlays in a variety of colors, or full stainless steel cab. Orion17 Cab Package: Fire-rated laminate overlay panels in choice of color, framed in stainless steel; stainless steel cab doors and dropped ceiling. Available only in 48″ x 54″ (1219 mm x 1372 mm) or 42″ x 60″ (1067 mm x 1524 mm), Type 1 and 2 cab configurations. Optional Fixture Finishes:Brass Optional Landing Door Finishes:Architectural white, black, custom color, or stainless steel. Package for 2010 Code and Above: Phone line detection and sheave guard. Other Options:Up to 6 stops (code permitting), hands-free phone, telephone cabinet with choice of finish, fire recall service, buffer springs.
Documents Orion MRL LULA Elevator Brochure.pdf Orion MRL LULA Elevator Color Chart.pdf Orion MRL LULA Elevator Owner’s Manual.pdf Orion MRL LULA Elevator Planning Guide.pdf